Коды ошибок экосольветных принтеров на головах Epson

Коды ошибок некоторых экосольветных принтеров на базе электроники RipStar, платы версий MB_Epson_V1.2, 1.6, 1.72, 1.75

Коды ошибок
SVC 00 (STATUS_SVC+0) //USB Chip. After 0.5S,USB chip not normal started,Maybe USB chip damaged
SVC 01 (STATUS_SVC+1) //FPGA chip 1. state continues for high when power on,Maybe USB chip damaged
SVC 02 (STATUS_SVC+2) //FPGA chip 2. After power down n configuration,but n configuration still high
SVC 03 (STATUS_SVC+3) //FPGA chip 3. n configuration , However, the n state to maintain high
SVC 04 (STATUS_SVC+4) //FPGA chip 4. When configuring the FPGA, the FPGA reports an error or retry 10 times
SVC 05 (STATUS_SVC+5) //Motherboard upgrade failed
SVC 06 (STATUS_SVC+6) //Board has not been factory initialization
SVC 07 (STATUS_SVC+16) //Did not pass the factory tools to detect memory
SVC 08 (STATUS_SVC+7)  //Synchronous dynamic memory test did not pass
SVC 09 (STATUS_SVC+8) //Can not read the FPGA from flash
SVC 10 (STATUS_SVC+9)  //Synchronous dynamic memory is too small to support the current settings
SVC 11 (STATUS_SVC+10)  //Read board ID error. Actually operating encryption chip failure
SVC 12 (STATUS_SVC+11)  //The system of ARM request initialization error.
SVC 13 (STATUS_SVC+12)  //The carriage board failed to initialize, in fact, the EPSON head board operating encryption chip failure
FTA 00 (STATUS_FTA+0) //Abnormal restart of USB chip
FTA 01 (STATUS_FTA+1) //Print data format error
FTA 02 (STATUS_FTA+2) //Error print data format size
FTA 03 (STATUS_FTA+3) //Print job should not be included with the additional data
FTA 04 (STATUS_FTA+4) //Pass quantity of data and the actual number of pass Data do not match
FTA 05 (STATUS_FTA+5) //The serial data format does not
FTA 06 (STATUS_FTA+6) //One pass is completed DMAO still at work
FTA 07 (STATUS_FTA+7) //Printing errors in the initial print position or end position
FTA 08 (STATUS_FTA+8) //Pass print starting point less than the origin
FTA 09 (STATUS_FTA+9) //Image end position beyond the printer farthest point, the job size is too wide
FTA 10 (STATUS_FTA+10) //Motion control first phase of initialization does not pass
FTA 11 (STATUS_FTA+11) //Motion control of the second phase of initialization does not pass
FTA 12 (STATUS_FTA+12) //Initialization of the first stage of carriage board did not pass
FTA 13 (STATUS_FTA+13) //Initialization of the second stage of carriage board did not pass
FTA 14 (STATUS_FTA+14) //The Main Board LVDS receiver chip is not locked, or the cable is not plugged
FTA 15 (STATUS_FTA+15) //Pass definition of the direction of value beyond the defined
FTA 16 (STATUS_FTA+16) //The update failed: Motherboard write stage
FTA 17 (STATUS_FTA+17) //Failed to read the read-only memory
FTA 18 (STATUS_FTA+18) //Failed to write to read-only memory
FTA 19 (STATUS_FTA+19) //Board has not been factory initialization settings
FTA 20 (STATUS_FTA+20) //carriage board is restarted
FTA 21 (STATUS_FTA+21) //Spectra high voltage board failed to initialize
FTA 22 (STATUS_FTA+22) //Head types reported by carriage board and factory set do not match, please replace the carriage
board or reconfigure hardware settings.
FTA 23 (STATUS_FTA+23) //The control system and the software version of the manufacturers do not match, need to
be replaced or upgraded versions of the system
FTA 24 (STATUS_FTA+24) //Over time, please re-enter the password
FTA 25 (STATUS_FTA+25) //Internal error, a blank pass or Y-axis doesn't feed medium
FTA 26 (STATUS_FTA+26)  //Connect to the USB1.1 / / this is a fatal error
FTA 27 (STATUS_FTA+27)  //the language and authority which software using are not match, please re-setting language or
re-enter the password
FTA 28 (STATUS_FTA+28)  //PINCONF written to the FPGA error
FTA 29 (STATUS_FTA+29)  //Factory tools failed to write the number of colours
FTA 30 (STATUS_FTA+30)  //Carriage board memory write error
FTA 31 (STATUS_FTA+31)  ////Head heated over 55 degrees, all heating were forced to close.
FTA 32 (STATUS_FTA+32)  //Software error or wrong version, not by the handshake protocol
FTA 33 (STATUS_FTA+33)  //Firmware requires special software version, version error.
FTA 34 (STATUS_FTA+34)  //The current system does not support two color in one head
FTA 35 (STATUS_FTA+35)  //Over the ink dosage limit, please re-enter the password
FTA 36 (STATUS_FTA+36)  //Firmware requires software version supports ink code, version error
FTA 37 (STATUS_FTA+37)  //The EPSON head error.
FTA 38 (STATUS_FTA+38)  //EPSON carriage board FPGA error. Usually overclocking or data to be interference
FTA 39 (STATUS_FTA+39)  //ID of writing board error
FTA 40 (STATUS_FTA+40)  //The factory initialization setting error
ERR 00 (STATUS_ERR+0)  //EP0 command is interrupted
ERR 01 (STATUS_ERR+1)  //Connect to the USB1 export / / this is a fatal error
ERR 02 (STATUS_ERR+3)  //Carriage board and main board communication timeout
ERR 03 (STATUS_ERR+2)  //Sports communication timeout
ERR 04 (STATUS_ERR+4)  //Pass data did not finish printing
ERR 05 (STATUS_ERR+5)  //Print data is less than the number of invalid procedure or trigger ignition
ERR 06 (STATUS_ERR+6)  //Print data is greater than the number of ignition
ERR 08 (STATUS_ERR+8)//Internal state
ERR 09 (STATUS_ERR+9)  //FPGA Received error
ERR 10 (STATUS_ERR+10) //Moving too fast or uneven, the data are transmitting, but ignition command
ERR 11 (STATUS_ERR+11) //did not receive the movement command completion after motion command is issued for 30 seconds
ERR 12 (STATUS_ERR+12)  //Errors in the automatic cleaning command, should not have happened
ERR 13 (STATUS_ERR+13)  //Errors in the automatic cleaning command, should not have happened
ERR 120 (STATUS_ERR+) //Debug state 1
ERR 121 (STATUS_ERR+0x51) //Debug state 1
INI 00 (STATUS_INI+0)  //Control board is being initialized
INI 01 (STATUS_INI+1)  //Initializing the USB communication
INI 02 (STATUS_INI+2)  //Is initialized FPGA
INI 03 (STATUS_INI+3)//Initializing exercise
INI 04 (STATUS_INI+4)  //carriage board is being initialized
INI 05 (STATUS_INI+5)  //Spectra high voltage board is being initialized